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Welcome to business might that deals in marketing and advertising. We are a top and best 360 advertising agency in Uganda with an wide experience to growing brands with an enthusiastic work force

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 Located in the heart of western Uganda along the Mbarara Masaka Highway. An extremely charming, quiet and lively atmosphere overlooking hilly terrain of Mbarara.On entering this charming hotel, you will immediately sense its special intimate luxurious atmosphere. Each detail has been passionately chosen and each room deserves a visit.The special charm and cozy mood of the hotel Triangle Mbarara will make you feel at home.

Solartoday Uganda Limited is a private limited company established in 2010 and is registered with the Registrar of companies under section 16 (1) of the companies Act with registration number of 142587. It is a private solar company that facilitates provision of 12 months solar credit to Ugandan rural households. It is apparently operational in 17 districts in Uganda